Pension Auto-Enrolment Training

Pension Auto-Enrolment Training

The law on workplace pensions has changed. Employers who do not comply can face fines of up to £400.00 per day and, in some cases, prosecution. 
By attending this seminar, you will be introduced to the legislation surrounding Workplace Pension Reform and what possible impact these changes may have on your business. 

Who Should Attend?

We will walk you through the various stages of Pension Reform which are essential for you to keep your company compliant and avoid hefty penalties. 


We use an audio and visual presentation, with handouts.


Our half day Pension Auto Enrolment courses are held at our Training Centre in Retford, Nottinghamshire and can be used toward your CPD.

Course Content

Pension Auto-Enrolment training is for any business owner who has or who is intending to have at least one employee paid via a PAYE system, self-employed staff members who have a contract of employment that you pay tax or NI for and firms who have a pension scheme already in place and it covers:
  • Contributions from employers and employees
  • Enrolling eligible workers
  • Help with completing your Declaration of Compliance (Registration)
  • Help with developing your initial plans
  • Impartial advice on pension schemes
  • Knowing when staging applies to you
  • Understanding the new requirement for pension auto-enrolment for all employers with more than one employee

Open Course


Includes Certificates

Perfect for individuals 
and small groups of up to ten

Onsite Training


Includes Certificates

Perfect for companies who may require more in depth discussions and advice

Bespoke Training


Includes Certificates

Perfect for companies who require the full services of an Impartial Financial Adviser

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