Lean Six Sigma Courses

Lean Six Sigma training is delivered at the candidates own pace to ensure a complete understanding of all topics, which in turn results in a 100% pass rate.

Nationwide Lean Six Sigma Training

We can either provide the Lean Six Sigma training in your facility for groups of up to 10 or if preferred we can arrange a venue on your behalf.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a recognised method of continual improvement by combining problem solving and waste reduction to make processes more efficient. 

Many nationwide companies such as Apple, Rolls Royce, Boots, Caterpillar and Toyota have implemented this system to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Grading is rated as White, Yellow, Green and Black.

The White Belt material will be sent to you for free when you book the Yellow Belt course.

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

Yellow Belt is a one-day course aimed at those up to supervisor level however we advise everyone start here.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Green Belt is a five-day course that builds on the Yellow Belt and is for those with senior management responsibilities.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Black Belt is a five-day intense course that is usually completed by company directors and business owners.